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Why did we build it?

There are numerous factors like size, resources,distribution methods, data collection & data collation which make information gathering a huge challenge. Without this data, key decisions can't be made and critical trends could be missed. Paper based data sheets have many issues : printing costs, distribution , collection, data collation, etc. At the same time there are many concerned and honest citizens that are willing and able to help but don't know how.

We developed EcoSourcer as a way to help environmental groups harness 'people power' - citizen-sourced information about wildlife and/or environmental issues. We want to help build up a clearer picture of how the worlds ecosystems are faring, in a quick and easy way. Anyone who has a smartphone can download the app, sign themselves in, and help out out.

Eco sourcer

quick & easy

Collect information quicker, faster and easier.

any time

With the help of the concerned public you have access to information almost anytime

any where

There aref many concerned citizens that want to help no matter where they are.

easy setup

Easy to setup and configure questions that collect the most needed information


Data is ready for analysis

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data in real time

Administration system


Pin point data

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